November 20, 2011
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random stuff

Tj Hariharan authored on 20/Nov/2011 07:28
September 17, 2011
View 347fb6a

changed stop to remove mpd port and host constants as they should set by default by system

Tj Hariharan authored on 17/Sep/2011 15:26
November 14, 2008
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added all utf-8 character support to vim via vimrc.

Tj authored on 14/Nov/2008 16:04
November 9, 2008
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deleted: .irssi/config~ deleted: .irssi/default.theme~ deleted: .irssi/murf.theme~ deleted: .irssi/ new file: .vim.words.add new file: .vim.words.add.spl new file: .vim/after/syntax/man.vim new file: .vim/auctex.vim new file: .viminfo vim settings new file: .vimperatorrc vimperator settings new file: .vimrc

Tj Hariharan authored on 09/Nov/2008 21:33